Hello From the Los Angeles Flower District


The Los Angeles Flower District is a six block floral marketplace nestled in downtown Los Angeles, known for it’s stunning stems and wholesale flower prices. Located between 7th and 8th on Wall Street, the district is where DIY’ers, event planners and Bridezillas alike, flock for fresh florals and wholesale flower vases for center pieces and arrangements.

To begin exploring the district, I started at “The Original Los Angeles Flower Market.” The well known shop was one of the first established in the downtown district (located on 8th and Wall Street). The shop offers convenient rooftop parking located on the west side of San Julian  St., between 7th and 8th Streets. There is also street parking available, where you can pay with a debit or credit card at the meter – no need to scrounge for quarters.




What you need to know: 

The theme here is the early bird gets the worm! If you’re shopping specifically for your dream bouquet it is highly suggested to arrive early. Most people arrive as early as 5a.m. to ensure getting first pick. The market is open from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the week with a public admission of $2 (cash only).The busiest days are Wednesday, Friday, and before holidays and graduations. Upon arrival you will see that the district is essentially an enormous indoor warehouse composed of various vendors. All of the vendors display their flower bouquets in front of their register/booth; some prices are listed but most prices need to be inquired about. If you see anything you would like to purchase you can flag down a nearby attendant to inquire about prices and price for when buying in bulk. Browsing the Southern California Flower Market, and approximately the other 200 adjacent surrounding wholesale and retail floral businesses, shops, malls and marts allows buyers to browse vendors’ inventory and compare prices and quality of flowers. It is recommended that you bring cash for your purchases. There are some vendors who won’t charge tax if purchases are paid in cash, however there are also vendors who allow credit card purchases with a $20 minimum.





For individuals who frequent the Original Flower Market there is an option available for $30 per year, or $50 for two years, to become a “Badge Member.” Badge Members enjoy multiple benefits that include: Access during Trade-Only hours. Free entry and reentry. Free parking. Wholesale prices. No sales tax on purchases.

Since the flower district is very large, it can feel overwhelming to both seasoned and new buyers. Being located in the heart of Los Angeles, a city that is no stranger to crime OR parking citations – have no shame walking around with your pink pepper spray keychain, or double and even triple checking how much time you have available on your parking meter. It is said that every commercial flower is available for purchase at the Flower Mart. Here are photos of a few of my favorites!

_DSC9218-27 _DSC9209-26 _DSC9208-25 _DSC9224-29 _DSC9206-24 _DSC9187-21 _DSC9179-19 _DSC9176-18 _DSC9171-14




The Original Los Angeles Flower Mart is located at 754 Wall St (between 7th & 8th) Los Angeles, CA 90014. Enjoy!


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