Two bloggers. Two coasts. Hello from us.


What You’ll Find On this Blog

East Coast, West Coast and Guest Coast living, from style, to home, to events, to travel tips and tricks (from girls who love to explore but still have Sallie Mae waiting for them at home).

WHo you’ll hear from

SummerSummer, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and moved to the East Coast almost three years ago, reps the blog’s East Coast posts. She works as a media designer and lives in the heart of DC. While she is enjoying the change of scenery, she still has the Elle-Woods-moments while trying to master the art of the East Coast Queen. “What, like it’s hard?


AngelinaAngelina, a Los Angeles native, reps the blog’s West Coast coverage. Unlike most who prefer having four seasons, she doesn’t mind summer all year long in sunny southern California. As a current legal secretary in Entertainment Law, she has plans to seek higher education and earn a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Thanks for stopping by!


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