Hello from Raleigh

Ok, so I think I can get used to the South.

Even though I’ve lived in DC for the past four winters—each worse than the last—I haven’t had the chance to explored much south of Virginia. I spent the holiday week with my family who recently moved to Raleigh, or as my brother lovingly refers to it, “a not-weird Portland.” Between the home-cooked meals, board games and some much needed couch naps, I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring in North Carolina (although I could be biased, since some of my favorite people now call this place home).

HF_Raleigh_40 HF_Raleigh_41

I had been offered a job in Charlotte a few years ago, but declined at the time. I couldn’t quite find anyone who had lived in the area, much less visited and could give me to goods on culture, food and boys (and I don’t like to go order from restaurants if I don’t know what’s on the menu). So, it was a bit surreal to spend some time in the area and picture what my life would be like had I taken the job.

Downtown is full of eclectic, small businesses and the restaurant scene shamelessly advertises their chargrilled and deep-fried goodness (don’t let the hipster vibe fool you, we are below the Mason Dixon line, after all).

A couple observations about Raleigh and its inhabitants

  • The people are super friendly and not stingy about you petting their dogs. This is my new friend Blue, whose owner let me dog sit (and contemplate dog-nap) him while he went inside to order a drink.HF_Raleigh_39
  • Diversity. Hello, boys! (Insert all the emojis)
  • Downtown is surprisingly small, and you could potentially do the damn thing in a weekend. However, this is the south, and life moves a little slower here, so take your time to savor the flavors (and try to breathe when you get stuck behind a slow walker).
  • I didn’t meet a single bartender who was a dick (tips on tips on tips!)

Here is my guide to getting the most out of the The City of Oaks

Total days spent: 8
How to get around: Walking, Uber or nephew with permit
How to look like a local: Dress like you went to a fancy school
How to look like a tourist: Dress like you own a Miley Cyrus album

Food & Drink

Where to get a cup of coffee: If you’re drinking coffee, you’re drinking at Yellow Dog. Being a Seattle girl, I don’t play when it comes to coffee. Yellow Dog has to be one of the best cups of Joe I’ve had in a really long time (so good that I was genuinely sad when I found out it closes on Sundays). Enjoy one of their in-house pastries, too. I recommend the peanut butter cookie!

HF_Raleigh_13HF_Raleigh_20 HF_Raleigh_21

Where to get a kick-ass donut: Monuts in Durham (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s full of studious Duke dudes). I tried the coffee cake and chocolate chai, both worth the trip alone! They also have a full menu that features a Taco Tuesday. Mmm… all my food loves in one place.

HF_Raleigh_22 HF_Raleigh_27

Where to buy unexpected souvenirs: Deco. It’s like an Etsy shop come to life. Lots of handmade/small business trinkets, with a fun tongue-in-cheek twist, such as the candles for the Queen Bey followers and the friend who accidentally dated a republican.

HF_Raleigh_23 HF_Raleigh_24 HF_Raleigh_26HF_Raleigh_25

Where to brunch: I’m sure we could have stumbled into any of the numerous restaurants, but I’m happy we found the darling little cafe called Capital Club. Ok, so technically it wasn’t the brunch menu, but when you can flirt tip your way into getting the server to put an egg on it, I call it brunch. My date and I shared the soup du jour, which was a duck stew (highly recommend!) and I had The Sparrow, complete with melted brie, baby spinach, and caramelized onion (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!)

HF_Raleigh_28 HF_Raleigh_29 HF_Raleigh_30

Where to get a low-key drink: Anchor Bar. They have live music (take it easy on the eggnog special tho, or you might be holding your sister’s hair while she speaks in tongues when the driver takes a corner too fast). They also have a trio of boys covering the top 40 music on week nights. In the immortal words of Adele, “Hello.”

Where to get a strong-ass cocktail: Fox Liquor Bar. It’s a speakeasy, so you might miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. As the sign says upon entrance,

“Respect the juice.
These are strong.
Have some water in between.
Your head will thank you in the morning.”

I recommend the Pink Lady and a handsome date. (And if you feel a strange but empowering sense of self, it might be because you’re in one of the many establishments—all delicious and instagram-worthy—owned by Ashley Christensen. This woman practically owns Raleigh.)

Where to get BBQ: The Pit. Need I say more?  

HF_Raleigh_34 HF_Raleigh_35

Only in Raleigh

Raleigh has a legitimate chocolate factory! Spend a few hours at Videri pretending to be Charlie (or Veruca, let’s be honest), and take advantage of their free samples.

HF_Raleigh_36 HF_Raleigh_37 HF_Raleigh_10HF_Raleigh_09HF_Raleigh_38

Where to get cultured: Take a tour of the Mordecai Plantation Manor, the oldest home in Raleigh (est.  1785). The park is also home to the birthplace of Andrew Johnson, one of our few truly disgraced (and impeached) presidents. A guided tour just $5 per person, and a total steal. Rumor has it that some of the daughters still haunt the grounds, so be careful where you step.

HF_Raleigh_31 HF_Raleigh_32 HF_Raleigh_33

Raleigh is truly a fun mix of old and new, and I’m sure there is a ton more to see and do (like a monthly Food Truck Rodeo that shuts down the main street, whaaat!).

Can’t wait to visit again!


Yellow Dog | 219 E Franklin St
Monuts | 1002 9th St, Durham
Deco | 19 W Hargett St
Capital Club | 16 W Martin St
Anchor Bar | 207 Fayetteville St
Fox Liquor Bar | 237 S Wilmington St
The Pit | 328 W Davie St
Videri Chocolate Factory | 327 W Davie St
Mordecai Plantation Manor | 1 Mimosa St


Are you from Raleigh?
Have you visited recently? Is there someplace we missed? Let us know below!


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