Hello From My Favorite DC Coffee Shop

My neighborhood has officially gentrified.

I moved to one of the more diverse areas of DC that is often described by white people wearing polos as “up and coming.” My specific nook hasn’t quite “come” yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time when I saw a union-jack-painted mini coup parked on my street.

Low and behold, the change didn’t come in the form of an over-priced yoga studio or mommy-and-me pottery class (although I’m sure they’re not far behind), but, a swanky new coffee shop and ping-pong bar called Colony Club.



If you know anything about me, you know I’ll take caffeine over alcohol any day (Americano on the rocks, please). Despite the fact that I’m losing major street cred with this new addition to the neighborhood, I’m pretty stoked to have a yummy addition on my morning commute.

Please excuse the Starbucks tumbler. Old habits...

Please excuse the Starbucks tumbler. Old habits…

The owner named the shop after his grandparents’ flower shop they opened on the same street decades ago, and I love that it carries a little nugget of history (photo snagged from Web site).


My go-to order: black drip with light cream and an English scone.


Could the jam be more precious?


The coffee is strong, smooth and fresh, so if you’re not used to black coffee, this is a great place to get started. And if you’re feeling uber fancy or actually have the time to sit and enjoy your coffee, you could opt for one of their alternative brewing methods from the brew bar (market price, of course).


And for those that don’t share my preference/addiction to caffeine, Colony transforms into a full-service bar from 5-11 pm, complete with sardine plates (hey, you have to get a little creative when you’re working without a kitchen).


I’ll be moving later this summer, but for the coming months, it’s a great stop for a friendly staff, cool vibe, and seriously good cup of coffee.


…Although I feel like I’m slightly cheating on my regular Dunkin’ Donuts shop that exclusively plays Motown hits. Can’t a girl have both?

Colony Club / 3118 George Ave. 


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