Hello From… Summer & Angelina

When two best friends were separated by two coasts and two time zones, a keyboard became their lifeline. From e-mailing updates on work and love, to IMing links of this season’s wants and needs, to snapchatting dressing room hits and misses (yes, it can be useful for more than sexting), the array of technology at their fingertips has kept them connected.  


We met the first weekend of college, living just doors down from each other. Late nights and shared closets were the forte of our college years. We spent hours asking opinions on clothes, boys, books and Bible verses, and the same conversations continue to this day. Now that we’re bicoastal, our mutual love for travel, fashion, lip stain and bull dogs keeps our love alive.

While exploring our homes and the world around us, we began to notice a lack of (good) advice for the average 20-something. Yes, every blogger will tell you to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and that you should try le croissants, but where is the best consignment shop with vintage Chanel bags on the mannequins?

So, we created a space that would highlight the happs of each coast (and beyond) in one convenient place. Based out of LA and DC, as two 20-somethings behind the making of Hello From, we hope to share our experiences with other young women whom have a passion for travel, eye for a good time and the decency to stop for a good cup of coffee.

About Angelina & Summer:

Angelina, 25, Los Angeles, Cali // West Coast

Occupation:  I take messages for A-list clients as an Administrative Assistant for an entertainment firm in West Los Angeles.

Home, Sweet Home: There’s inner city LA and coastal LA.  The only difference between  us is that  inner city LA peeps are found at a rooftop pool on Sunday, while us coastal LA peeps are known to hit the beach.

Bills, Bills, Bills:   Getting older means learning to save.  I’ve been reviewing my spending after each month and seeing where I can not only cut back, but reallocate funds to other savings accounts, like Bali 2015.

Meal Plan: Lunch is sacked or ordered to the office, and I often pop into Grandma’s for dinner. I like her cooking best.

The Weekender: Always something to do between LA and OC. Mostly filled with friends, Disneyland dates, errands and a catching the sunset.

Only in LA…  can you consider a nature hike, hiking to the Hollywood sign.

Shoe Index:  I usually drive in slippers and snag a pair of heels, wedges or thong sandals from my back seat. My trunk is a  shoe rack and I have no shame about it.

Current Style Inspiration: I would say Vanessa Hudgens is overdoing the  festival wear, but I’m really into anything boho chic. It feels like you’re always dressed for the beach, yay!

Man Crush Monday:  Always and forever, Justin Timberlake.

Jamming to: Katchafire Radio on Pandora.

Summer, 26, Washington, D.C. // East Coast

Occupation: A graphic designer, I solve problems, one visual identity crisis at a time.

Home, Sweet Home: I share a two-story row house with three strangers I met on Craigslist. I know that sounds like the beginning of a bad Lifetime horror film, but we get along great and we’ve developed a close relationship (The trick is to have an open house and may the last girl standing win!)

Bills, Bills, Bills: Some of my financial goals are to tackle student loans aggressively, and put about 20% of each paycheck away for a rainy day… in Paris.

Meal Plan: Dinner is the dish, lunch is the leftovers. I could save so much more if I stopped attending weekend brunches… but what kind of life is that? #treatyoself

The Weekender: I’ll sleep in a little past 8, and lately I’ve been going on long runs past the monuments. It definitely makes me feel “DC” to see the White House! After that I’ll catch up on freelance work, errands, and of course, Skyping LA.

Only in DC: …does my pastor constantly reference that “both parties are welcome in the House of the Lord!”

Shoe Index: When I first got to DC, I turned my nose-up to the ladies who donned Nike Frees with their business suits. But after rolling my ankles too many times, I get it now. However silly to an outsider, it’s still a statement piece: “this is a walking culture and I care about my ankles.” I now tip my hat, but I still prefer a chic flat to my keds. I still miss my heels that West Coast driving afforded me!

Current Style Inspiration:
Beauty: JLo.
Body: Ellie Goulding.
Home: Flamingos.

Also, what is this contouring nonsense. And how can I get on board?

Man Crush Monday: Leo Forever [tattoo pending].

On Repeat: The Beach Boys. Hello, summer!

We’re interested in your perspective! If you had to complete the statement, “Only in my city…”, what would you say?

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